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National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology

Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology
Government of India
Ref No. Issue Date Subject
1(27)/2011-NIELIT Vol. V/1347 14 November, 2019 Office Order related to Probation Clearance of NIELIT Employees 121.49 KB
NIELIT/HQ/EST/84/14(Vol. VIII)Pt/1341 14 November, 2019 Office Order regarding transfer of Sh. B.B. Dua, Scientist'D'/Joint director(T) from NIELIT HQs to NIELIT Centre, Delhi 59.64 KB
NIELIT/HQ/EST/84/14 (Vol. VII)/1310 06 November, 2019 Circular regarding accessibility of e-Transfer Portal from November 15, 2019 09:00 AM to December 14, 2019 05:30 PM 65.92 KB
64(4)/2019-NIELIT/1283 30 October, 2019 OM to clarify that the officers mentioned at D,E,F & G in Para-1 of the Office Order No. 64(4)/2019-NIELIT/953 dated 16/08/2019, who are reporting to DG through the Registrar are to be read as "Section Head" in place of "Head of Wing" 55.24 KB
21(31)2013/NIELIT 25 October, 2019 OM regarding guidelines to be followed by all the NIELIT Centres wherein the communications for all those schemes and projects which are funded by MeitY and are further being coordinated by NIELIT HQs, should be sent to NIELIT HQs for furtherance. 52.48 KB
1(27)/2011-NIELIT Vol.III/1246 22 October, 2019 Office Order regarding completion of probation period i.r.o. joining of Dr. Yumnam Jayanta Singh as Director, NIELIT Kolkata. 50.31 KB
NIELIT/HQ/Estt./84/14(Vol. VIII)/1239 22 October, 2019 OM regarding instructions to be followed by NIELIT Centres for relieving the transferred employees and submission of compliance report. 99.35 KB
NIELIT/HQ/Estt./84/14(Vol. VIII)/1238 22 October, 2019 Office Order regarding transfer of employees 143.49 KB
64(6)/2019-NIELIT/1228 16 October, 2019 Office Order regarding Extension of Period of deemed deputation of Shri Rajeev Kumar, Assitant, NIELIT HQs as BLO Supervisor in the O/o AERO, AC-37, Palam, Dwarka, New Delhi. 62.87 KB
1(27)/2011-NIELIT(Vol.V)/1217 14 October, 2019 OM regrding adherence to Office Order No. 1(27)/2011-NIELIT/357 dated 12/03/2018 in respect of determination of period of probation for fresh recruits. 63.8 KB
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