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National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology

Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology
Government of India
Ref No. Issue Date Subject
64(2)/2020-NIELIT 08 April, 2020 Office Order regarding revocation of transfer orders of Shri Kuldeep Raj, Assistant Director (Finance), NIELIT Jammu 130.68 KB
1(79)/2017-NIELIT Vol.II 02 April, 2020 Office Order regarding appointment of Sh. Janak Raj, Registrar as Nodal Officer for dealing with all queries and grievances relating to arrangements being made w.r.t COVID-19 in NIELIT 313.79 KB
NIELIT/HQ/EST/84/14(Vol.IX) 31 March, 2020 OM regarding assignment of various Responsibility Centres 313.7 KB
1(79)/2017-NIELIT Vol.II 31 March, 2020 An appeal regarding donation of one day salary to the PM-CARES fund. 166.27 KB
1(79)/2019-NIELIT Vol. II 27 March, 2020 OM regarding Weekly Work Plan to be prepared by Employees in NIELIT HQs and NIELIT Centers 477.39 KB
1(79)/2019-NIELIT Vol. II 25 March, 2020 OM to all the staff members of NIELIT HQs to work from home during the period of lockdown for 21 days w.e.f 25.03.2020 and to strictly follow “Protocol for WFH” during this period. 998.81 KB
1(79)/2019-NIELIT Vol.II/ 23 March, 2020 OM in continuation of NIELIT Headquarter’s OM of even number dated 22/03/2020 regarding preventive measures being taken to contain spread of COVID-19. 1.83 MB
1(79)/2019 – NIELIT Vol. II/ 22 March, 2020 OM to all the staff members of NIELIT HQs to work from home with effect from 23/03/2020, up to 31/03/2020, or until further orders. 108.29 KB
1(79)/2019 – NIELIT Vol. II/ 22 March, 2020 OM to NIELIT Centres regarding preventive measures to be taken to contain the spread of COVID-19 115.24 KB
1(16)/2013-NIELIT Vol-III/315 19 March, 2020 Office Order regarding taking Sh. Ashish Gupta, Scientist 'C' on the rolls of NIELIT Headquarter 287.69 KB
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